Deliveries and returns

Our website ensures the total satisfaction of our customers by guaranteeing them the best service and attention.

Your personal data is stored on a secure server (https with SSL certificate) and all transactions and payments (if applicable) are encrypted to ensure complete privacy..

LOPD compliance

Our data file is registered under the protection of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, fulfilling all the requirements to treat and keep your personal data as safe as possible.

LSSI compliance

This online version operates under the name of 3RG Industrial, which is owned by 3RG Industrial, with CIF B84943273, website in Pol. Ind. Las Avetardas C/ Feldespato 31-32 Yeles, Toledo 45220 SPAIN.

Secure online payment (if used)

In the event of selecting the payment of your order by card, you will be redirected to the servers and payment gateways of our bank, who process your payment directly and inform us of the acceptance or denial of it.

Your payment information is not stored or processed, in any case, on our servers. Therefore, these purchase processes with debit or credit cards become a 100% secure payment method for you.

If you make the payment through Paypal, the payment process of your order goes directly to PayPal's secure server who processes it and notifies us of its acceptance.

The acquisition of spare parts and / or services through www.3rgindustrial.comand the mechanisms foreseen for this, from the execution of the order until its delivery, scrupulously comply with the Spanish regulations, to which it is subject, in relation to the general conditions of the purchase agreement provided for in the Spanish civil code, and the specific regulations for the protection of consumers and users, as well as the regulation of distance sales.

1.The order will not be understood as made until the supervision of the same by our staff.

2. Delivery times will be those agreed in your client file, although an average period of 48 hours is stipulated in the peninsula and from 3 to 6 days in the island provinces and Portugal.
Although, the transport service is contracted, in some cases, with a third company, not taking responsibility 3RG Industrialof any problem that may arise in the shipment once the order has been placed from your facilities. Neither will be assumed responsibilities in the breach of the maximum delivery deadline, which were not exclusively and directly attributable to, such as stock breakages, insufficient stocks, force majeure, …

3.The information offered on the website is for guidance purposes only, therefore 3RG Industrial assumes no responsibility for non-essential changes in the products advertised in the same.

4. The prices of our shipments will be met scrupulously to the individual conditions agreed with our customers.

- During the ordering and shipping process, we will keep in contact according to the normal conditions of sale. Once the order is supervised, the client will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the same. If this is not received, you must ensure that it is not hosted in your "Junk Mail" tray. If once checked it still does not receive it, the client should contact 3RG Industrial SL as soon as possible by the phone (+34) 925 545 916   or by sending an email to this e-mail address: to solve the problem.

- The client will verify the accuracy of the data reflected in the Card, which will include at least one valid telephone number to transfer any incident that may arise with your shipment..

- The customer must verify that the details of the order confirmation email (address, telephone number, delivery time, recipient, etc.) are correct. If you detect any error in such data, you must notify it immediately to correct them.

- Once the order is in the delivery phase, the customer can not make any change, nor can proceed to cancel it.

- If the shipment is delayed due to internal reasons of our transport agency, we will process the complaint so that the company contacts the customer and resolves the incident as quickly as possible..

- If the delivery times are not met, contact us as soon as possible through the phone number: (+34) 925 545 916  or by sending an e-mail to to solve the problem.


- If any of our products do not work properly or present any type of damage other than those indicated on our website, it may be exchanged for another or refund the amount within 15 days after receipt.

- 3RG Industrialwill not accept returns if the product does not present any defect or tare other than those specified in our website for spare parts used for obvious reasons as set out in paragraph 3 of article 45 of the Law of Retail Trade of distance selling.

- The customer must review the characteristics of the products before placing any order. If you have any problem with your order, please contact us by e-mail:

- The shipping costs for return or exchange will be borne by the customer, as long as the reason for the return is not due to negligence of 3RG Industrial. In case of negligence on our part, we will contact the customer and our transport company will collect the product, verifying that the returned merchandise is in perfect condition, unused and in its original packaging.

3RG Industrial will send all the packages from Spain using, according to destination, the services agreed individually with each client.

The payment of the shipments will be processed according to the individual conditions of each client.